Book a Video Consult

This service is not yet available at our practice.

The process

We use Skype to make the call, so we will need your Skype ID. Either give it to the receptionist or if you are registered for online services you can update your details with this information.

You need to be somewhere private and quiet. You will need to have a good data connection to your device.
At the allotted time the Doctor will Skype you, so you need to be logged in a few minutes before. As with a normal consultation, the Doctor might be running a few minutes late.
The Doctor will be in their consultation room with the door shut and if anyone else is present (such as a trainee GP or student nurse etc) they will introduce them and ask your permission if they can stay.


  • Please do not record the appointment without consent of the Doctor.
  • If the quality of the video is poor to the point of being unsafe, the Doctor will end the video consultation and call you.

Non-urgent advice: Disclaimer

We cannot guarantee that a Skype video call is entirely secure. By consenting to use this method you are aware of the risk that malicious individuals on the internet might breach your confidentiality and that you are prepared to accept this risk.